If you are a government organization, magazine or editorial publication you may request that we provide photos for your article, our staff photographers have been published in many regional and international venues such as National Geographic, New Mexico magazine, Cowboy's and Indians to name a few. contact executive director of photography Daryl Custer at (505)228-4444

We welcome professional photographers to this event, to ensure that traditions and cultural aspects are respected we regulate the photographers given this level of access. All photographers given press access will agree to  provide copies of their images to the ceremonial– The photographer will maintain all copyrights to the images. Local Publications such as The Gallup Independent, The Journey, The Gallup Sun, and othe local news agencies don't have to provide copies of their images to the Ceremonial unless they elect to.


(Please note that this is a fair practice…. Without this access you would not be able shoot these incredible images then we would not have access to your incredible work to promote our celebration, everyone wins! We are grateful for you're help in supporting our efforts to document and sustain the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial.)


Please be specific you may only use the images/video for the purpose that you have listed here.
All Photographers/Cinematographers must each fill out a separate application.
Please note that some of your special needs may incur a cost.
The event begins on August 8, 2012 and ends on August 12, 2012

First Name
Last Name

By clicking I agree.... I here by agree that I will abide by all of the terms mentioned above in this application. This document will serve as my signature.

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